AFED announces 2020 report on Arab Environment: Health and the Environment in Arab Countries

Beirut, 24/03/2020

The 2020 annual report of the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED) will discuss how a healthy…

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AFED’s Najib Saab appears alongside global leaders and public figures for Earth Day Live (VIDEO)

Beirut, 24/03/2020

On the occasion of Earth Day 50th anniversary, AFED participated in this year’s global online events…

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AFED Highlights February 2020 - AFED News in a Monthly E-Bulletin

Beirut, 04/03/2020

AFED HighlightsAFED News in a Monthly E-BulletinFebruary 2020 AFED 2020 Annual Report – February 2020AFED…

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AFED Announces Report and Conference on Environmental Education

, 24/06/2019

The Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED) announced that a team of leading scholars, working on…

AFED at Green Growth Pathways for Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, 30/03/2019

Green Growth Pathways for Saudi Arabia was the topic of a workshop, hosted at the iconic headquarters of KAPSARC campus…

AFED at the Expert Group on Green Technology Investments and Access to Sustainable Financing

Beirut, 05/03/2019

Mr. Najib Saab, AFED secretary general, presented a speech at the regional meeting of ESCWA's Expert Group on Green Technology…

Environmental Education Between AFED and UNESCO Regional Office

Beirut, 14/02/2019

Integrating environment and sustainability in the education systems was the topic of a meeting between Dr. Hamed…

AFED at Intergovernmental Meeting on Global Environment Outlook

Nairobi, 25/01/2019

The Intergovernmental Meeting on the Sixth Global Environment Outlook (GEO-6) Summary for Policy Makers (SPM) convened…

UN Meeting Discusses Global Pact for the Environment

Nairobi, 21/01/2019

The open-ended working group on Global Pact for the Environment, established by the UN General Assembly,…